The COVID-19 Pandemic in Ethiopia

A prospective observational cohort study designed to understand the characteristics and outcomes of the profile of Hospitalized African COVID-19 patients

Keywords: COVID-19; time to clinical improvement; prospective cohort, survival analysis; Cox PH model; logistic regression model; Ethiopia


Images of some of the results obtained

Flow chart showing the disposition of study participants in the final analysis

Description of the Study:

  • Title: Characteristics and outcome profile of Hospitalized African COVID-19 patients: The Ethiopian Context.
  • Principal Investigator: Tigist Workneh Leulseged.
  • Co-investigators: Ishmael S. Hassen, Endalkachew H. Maru, Wuletaw C. Zewde, Negat W. Chamsew, Abdi B. Bayisa, Daniel S. Abebe, Birhanu T. Ayele, Kalkidan T. Yegle, Mesay G. Edo, Eyosyas K. Gurara, Dereje D. Damete, Yared A. Tolera.
  • Center of Implementation: Millennium COVID-19 Care Center, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • Study Population: 1345 COVID-19 patients, both paediatrics and adults.
  • Study Type: Prospective Observational Cohort.
  • Design: Prospective Cohort.
  • Method: Frequency tables, KM plots, median survival times and Log-rank test were used to describe the data and compare survival distribution between groups. Cox proportional hazard survival model was used to identify determinants of time to clinical improvement and the independent variables and binary logistic regression model was used to assess the presence of a statistically significant association between disease outcome and the independent variables.

Objectives of the Study:

Principal Objective: To assess the characteristics and outcome of COVID-19 patients and to identify determinants of the disease outcome among patients admitted to Millennium COVID-19 Care Center in Ethiopia.

More about this Study:

Context: The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have a different picture in Africa; the first case was identified in the continent after it has already caused a significant loss to the rest of the world and the reported number of cases and mortality rate has been low. Therefore, understanding the characteristics and outcome profile of African COVID-19 patients as this study aims, is crucial.

Added value: Understanding the disease characteristics and outcome in the local context to provide a targeted intervention.

St Pauls Hospital Millennium Medical College leads this study about the profile of Hospitalized African COVID-19 patients.

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