This study allows in-depth understanding of the transmission of the infection, as well as the immune response that occurs in pregnant mothers and the newborn population during COVID-19

The researcher Marisa Navarro explains the details of the project. This pioneering study will test whether pregnant women can transmit coronavirus to newborns.

Description of the Study:

  • Title: Aspectos clínicos e inmunovirológicos de la infección por SARSCoV-2 en una cohorte de gestantes y recién nacidos.
  • Principal investigator: Marisa Navarro Gomez.
  • Centers of implementation: Hospital Gregorio Marañón (HGUGM), three investigation groups of IISGM (Grupo de investigación de Fisiología de la Mujer, del Embarazo, Parto y Puerperio, grupo de Fisiología Neonatal y del Desarrollo y grupo de Investigación de Infecciones en Población Pediátrica) and 11 other care centers of the RECLIP network (Red Española de Ensayos Clínicos Pediátricos).
  • Study population: At least 150 mother-newborn couples will be analyzed in which confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection during pregnancy.
  • Design: National prospective multicenter study conducted in care centers in RECLIP where microbiological studies of SARS-CoV-2 will be conducted on respiratory samples, blood, placenta, newborn urine, breast milk, and immunological the moment of the diagnosis of the pregnant woman and the birth of the newborn, and up to 6 months of age, as well as pulmonary surfactant from the newborn with SDR in 50 couples.

Objectives of the Study:

Principal objective: This study aims is to determine the vertical transmission of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Secondary objectives:
(1) Investigate the clinical evolution and response to treatments in gestation.
(2) Research the dynamics of viral replication and the immune response in the pregnant woman and the newborn.

More about this Study:

During this Pandemic, the HGUGM has been a reference in terms of obstetric care in the Community of Madrid. This dedication has made it possible to carry out both comprehensive care with its clinical protocols and treatment of COVID-19 pregnancies and deliveries, as well as newborns exposed to the virus. This effort, together with the research experience of the Hospital, has made it possible to launch the GESNEO-COVID study, which analyzes the transmission of the infection and the immune response that occurs in pregnant mothers and newborns during COVID-19.

« We believe that research is needed in this field given the little information that exists and the impact that research can bring to scientific medical knowledge in the field of infection and prevention by SARS-CoV-2 » – María Luisa Navarro.

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