Connected Health Platform, a Digital Health Solution to COVID-19

Study of a digital health platform that allows building a different relationship with COVID-19 patients, looking at their needs, and favouring their autonomy

Keywords: Digital health; Telemedicine; Telemonitoring; COVID-19; Quality of life; Real world data

César Morcillo Serra, Medical Director of the Sanitas Digital Hospital, describes the Sanitas Connected Health platform used in this study of COVID-19. It is based on the union between Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in order to offer personalized and predictive medicine.


Images of some of the results obtained

Captura 9
Detection of alerts for pain (80% of patients) and a decrease in oxygen saturation (12%).
The main symptom was severe pain (59% of patients) followed by anxiety or depression (25%). The average state of health was 65 (SD 20-100). (EQ5D3L questionnaire results)
COVID-19 had caused a low impact for 62% of the patients, although 8% of patients reported an important limitation.

Description of the Study:

  • Title: Remote Monitoring of Patients with COVID-19 after Hospital Discharge with Connected Health Platform: Outcomes and Quality of Life.
  • Principal Investigator: César Morcillo Serra.
  • Co-investigators: Domingo Marzal Martín, Jorge Velázquez Moro and José Francisco Tomás Martínez.
  • Centers of implementation: Hospital Sanitas CIMA de Barcelona and Hospitales Sanitas de Madrid.
  • Study Population: 95 patients agreed with a mean age of 54 to participate (64% male) and they were discharged from the hospital with COVID-19 infection between March 23 and May 25, 2020. They had to be stable, have passed the critical period of the disease, remain fever-free for at least 48 hours, and have a baseline oxygen saturation > 92%.
  • Study Type: Prospective observational study.
  • Method: Patients infected by COVID-19 were followed for one month with the digital platform Connected Health connected via bluetooth to a pulse oximeter to study oxygen saturation measures, symptoms and quality of life.

Objectives of the Study:

Principal Objective: To evaluate the efficacy of a remote monitoring platform for the outpatient follow-up after hospital discharge by COVID-19.

More about this Study:

Background: Telemonitoring with applications and connected devices facilitates a more accessible and efficient attention. Its implementation has been accelerated thanks to the pandemic by COVID-19, where they have allowed the continuity of care.

Connected Health is a platform for remote monitoring, continuously, anytime, anywhere that allows to measure and see the evolution of vital signs with devices connected to the application and to answer health questionnaires adapted for different disease profiles.

For the follow-up of patients with COVID-19, a post-hospitalization profile was created, collecting the oxygen saturation measurements with a pulse oximeter, and allowing linking other devices or manually including other physiological measurements such as temperature or blood pressure. The application also allowed asking two daily quality of life questionnaires (EQ5D3L and CAT) and alert the medical team that could be contacted by video consultation.

Sanitas: This company, which was founded in 1954, has become the leading health and wellness ones in Spain. It has a network of hospitals with the best-specialized team, at the forefront of technology and accredited medical excellence.

Sanitas is a company that has become the leading health ones in Spain. It supports this digital solution to study COVID-19.
Clinica Sanitas Cima de Barcelona supports a new digital health solution to study COVID-19.

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