Study to assess how the pandemic has affected geriatric, dependency and mental health residences in Catalonia and to establish proposals for care and organizational improvement

About C3RG

El Grup de Recerca en Cronicitat de la Catalunya Central (C3RG) is a research group whose mission is to generate new knowledge to better address the challenges that chronicity entails for health care systems and the welfare of people. It is formed by a multidisciplinary and interinstitutional team, with members and collaborators from the main health and academic institutions of Osona and Bages.

Description of the Study:

  • Title: ResiCOVID-19 – Avaluació de l’impacte de la pandèmia de COVID-19 en les persones i organitzacions de l’àmbit residencial de Catalunya i propostes de millora del model.
  • Principal investigators: Led by the C3RG group, which includes the following members Jordi Amblàs-Novellas, Anna Arnau, Carles Blay, Joan Espaulella, Xavier Gómez-Batiste, Cristina Lasmarías, Núria Molist, Núria Roger, Marta Serrarols and Daniel Sevilla.
  • Centers of Implementation: Residential centers in Catalonia.
  • Study Population: People living in geriatric, dependency and mental health residences in Catalonia, as well as their relatives and workers.

Objectives of the Study:

Principal Objectives:
(1) To assess the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on people living in geriatric, dependency and mental health care homes in Catalonia, as well as their families, workers and the organizations themselves, in the period from March 2020 to the present.
(2) To identify challenges and opportunities from the point of view of the experiences, needs and preferences of the diversity of people involved, in order to build proposals for improving care and the model of care that will allow a better adaptation to the current crisis and with future perspectives towards a people-centered care.

More about this Study:

The area where the Covid-19 pandemic has probably had the most devastating impact has been in nursing homes, especially those for the elderly. Beyond the high mortality rates, the consequences have been many and very significant for the residents themselves, their families, the professionals who work in them, the organizations that manage them, and the social and health care system in general.

ResiCOVID-19 has the participation of 11 research groups from three universities: la Universitat de Vic – Universitat Central de Catalunya, la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.

It also has international partners from the University of Edinburgh (Scotland), Radboud University (The Netherlands), Karolinska Institutet (Sweden) and the London School of Economics & Political Science (United Kingdom).

The project has the institutional support of the main employers’ associations in the sector, scientific societies and professional associations, as well as the Departments of Health and Labor, Social Affairs and Families. In addition, this project has received a grant of 280,000 euros from AGAUR.

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