Low zinc levels in patients with COVID-19

This study reveals that patients with COVID-19 and low blood levels of Zinc have higher mortality and a longer recovery period

Description of the Study:

  • Title: Low Zinc Levels at Admission Associates with Poor Clinical Outcomes in SARS-CoV-2 Infection.
  • Principal Investigators: Marina Vogel González, Marc Talló Parra, Víctor Herrera Fernández, Gemma Pérez Vilaró, Miguel Chillón, Xavier Nogués, Silvia Gómez Zorrilla, Inmaculada López Montesinos, Isabel Arnau Barrés, Maria Luisa Sorli Redó, Juan Pablo Horcajada, Natalia García Giralt, Julio Pascual, Juana Díez, Rubén Vicente and Robert Güerri Fernández.
  • Center of Implementation: Hospital del Mar in Barcelona.
  • Study Population: All patients admitted with COVID-19 for ≥48 h between 9 March and 1 April 2020 in Hospital del Mar.
  • Study Type: Retrospective observational cohort study.
  • Methods: Demographic, clinical, epidemiological, and the whole-episode (laboratory workup, vital signs, treatment) data were extracted from electronic medical records using a standardized data collection method.

Objectives of the Study:

Principal Objective: To demonstrate the association between the zinc status of hospitalized COVID-19 patients with disease progression and clinical outcomes.

More about this Study:

Background: Zinc is an essential micronutrient that impacts host–pathogen interplay at infection. Zinc balances immune responses, and also has a proven direct antiviral action against some viruses. Importantly, zinc deficiency is a common condition in elderly and individuals with chronic diseases, two groups with an increased risk for severe severe coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outcomes.

Conclusions: This analysis has shown a robust correlation between low SZC and COVID-19 severity and mortality. The cause is likely to be a combination of immune system imbalance and a direct benefit of viral replication. Thus, we propose SZC as a novel and additional parameter to predict COVID-19 outcome. It is then urgent to start clinical trials supplementing patients with low SZC at admission with zinc to reestablish zinc homeostasis. It should be also recommended to promote zinc supplementation programs targeted to people at risk of zinc deficiency, such as the elderly, in order to reduce COVID-19’s severity.

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