COVID-19 Study of Patients at Nursing Homes

Take care of the most vulnerable! A study in nursing homes to discover the risk factors that increase the mortality for the elderly with COVID-19

Keywords: COVID-19; elderly people; mortality; risk factors; long-term care

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Description of the Study:

  • Title: Risk Factors for Mortality of COVID-19 Patients at Nursing Homes.
  • Principal Investigator: Eva Heras.
  • Co-Investigators: Pablo Garibaldi, Maite Boix, Oliver Valero, Jorge Castillo, Yurisan Curbelo, Elso Gonzalez, Obilagilio Mendoza, Maria Anglada, Joan Carles Miralles, Petra Lllull, Ricard Llovera, Josep M. Pique.
  • Centre of Implementation: SAAS (Servei Andorrà d’Atenció Sanitària).
  • Study Population: 100 COVID-19 confirmed cases with a median age of 85 years and 62% were female.
  • Study Type: Observational retrospective analysis.
  • Design: Patients were categorized into 4 groups according to their origin (the reference nursing home, other nursing homes, home, or hotel), and they were grouped into three clinical categories ( asymptomatic, respiratory symptoms, and digestive symptoms).
  • Methods: Statistical analysis recording age, sex, date of admission, mean stay, the origin of the patient, dementia stage, Barthel index, Charlson comorbidity index, previous flu vaccination, clinical presentation, laboratory results, treatment, RT-PCR for SARS-CoV-2, hospital referral, mortality rate, and case fatality rate.

Objectives of the Study:

Principal Objective: We aimed to investigate the epidemiologic, demographics, clinical, or therapeutic factors that may predict the prognosis in a cohort of COVID-19 infected elderly in a nursing home. In other words, we expect to determine the risk factors for mortality of COVID-19 patients at nursing homes.

More about this Study:

A lot of research is being performed surrounding COVID-19, however not much is being published about the effect of this infection on patients admitted in long-term care facilities. Hence, this study aims to determine the curse of COVID-19 in elderly patients admitted in nursing homes.

Servei Andorrà d’Atenció Sanitària (SAAS): is a parapublic entity which, by delegation from the Ministry of Health, is responsible for providing most health care and coordinating all the activities carried out in Andorra in the field of public care.

Some of the fundamental objectives of the SAAS are to promote the most efficient use of all available resources to improve the level of health of the population of the Principality of Andorra; to fulfil the provision of health services, whether individual or collective, for all the population residing or travelling in the Principality of Andorra, in the form and conditions legally established for each case; to establish the appropriate organisation to facilitate health care which includes preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects, in a coordinated manner between the different levels of care; to integrate all the health resources for public use in a single administrative and functional body and to guarantee the quality of health care and control of expenditure.

The SAAS leads this COVID-19 study in nursing homes

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