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Why us?

We have created this platform to facilitate and accelerate research in health by supporting researchers in the implementation of new studies. Through EpidemiXs, we aim to foster and reward data sharing. Join the EpidemiXs Studies community and contribute to the change.

EpidemiXs is an award-winning set of platforms supported by over 30 hospitals and health-related institutions. Our work during the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic was pivotal to shaping EpidemiXs and its vision to promoting open science and bridging gaps in care, bringing healthcare to all.

Through EpidemiXs Studies I was able to create user-friendly forms to gather relevant data to analyze the evolution and impact of COVID-19 on oncological patients for my COVonco study


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Discover ongoing studies and participate to make a difference in the fight against COVID-19

  • You can participate in all the projects that have this icon. This means you could either contribute your data directly through an open form or you may contact the study owner to find out more about how you may participate. Find out how by visiting the study’s page.
  • You can contribute to all projects that have this icon. These studies either have ongoing campaigns on crowdfunding platforms where you can support them or are accepting funding contributions directly. Visit the study’s page to find out more.
Get engaged: Join the EpidemiXs community.

Collaborate with other research studies or create, deploy and manage your own study quickly and easily through the EpidemiXs Studies platform

  • Collaborate with existing studies: You can collaborate with all the projects that have this icon. These studies are actively looking for other centers or institutions to join them. You will find the contact information on the study page to discuss the details of the collaboration.
  • Launch your own study on the EpidemiXs Studies platform:
  • You can build and deploy your study through your very own web app. You will be able to create beautiful, intuitive customized forms and manage the data collected from a personalized dashboard. Click the JOIN button to begin designing together the best solution for your project.
  • Promote your study on our platform:
  • You can also create your own dedicated study page inside EpidemiXs Studies to gain exposure for your study and potentially find new collaborators to expand the dataset of your study or collect data directly from citizens, patients and general public. You will benefit from the EpidemiXs brand traction to increase the reach of your project.
  • [Coming soon] Open Health Data Hub: Want to contribute to open science and accelerate research, particularly for COVID-19? You will soon be able to share specific and anonymized data points from your study using standardized variables, and gain access to data shared by others. Increase the population of your study and achieve more reliable results.
Get engaged: Join the EpidemiXs community.
Get engaged: Join the EpidemiXs community.

Fund research studies featured in our repository to support their research goals and accelerate science and potential breakthroughs against COVID-19

  • Contact us to:
  • Support any of the initiatives displayed on our platform.
  • Include a project you are supporting in the platform to increase its reach.
Get engaged: Join the EpidemiXs community.