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EpidemiXs Studies’ mission is to empower researchers with technology to quickly and easily deploy studies, collect data and manage their datasets through user-friendly tools. Our vision is to foster collaboration between researchers, institutions and individuals to promote open data to enrich the scientific community and further accelerate science in the fight against COVID-19.

EpidemiXs Studies offers a platform to connect researchers to technology to disseminate, deploy, manage and expand their studies, while giving citizens the opportunity to participate and contribute to ongoing studies.

Dr. Jordi Serrano Pons, Co-Founder


What we do

EpidemiXs Studies is a platform that connects researchers, potential study participants, institutions, funders and scientists. It offers both a dissemination platform to expand the reach of studies, as well as a suite of data collection and management tools with the goal of promoting collaboration between research centers and institutions with the general population. 

Through the EpidemiXs Studies platform, researchers can collect data for their study through unique customized, responsive web forms that are quick and easy to deploy, and visualize and export their dataset through a personalized dashboard. Moreover, researchers can work with standardized variables that allow them to share data with other studies available on the platform. 


Where we come from

EpidemiXs Studies is one of the platforms under the EpidemiXs umbrella, an initiative that was born as a response to the COVID-19 global pandemic to support healthcare workers, citizens and the scientific community in accelerating access to validated information and data. 

It is being launched alongside EpidemiXs Info, a platform co-created with 30+ healthcare institutions delivering quality information, validated by specialists and curated for healthcare professionals and citizens, to fight against misinformation surrounding COVID-19, reaching 2 million views in the first week of deployment.

EpidemiXs is an initiative of UniversalDoctor, a digital global health social enterprise co-creating technology solutions to improve health outcomes worldwide. UniversalDoctor has produced close to 50 technology solutions ranging from clinical decision-support tools, mobile data collection systems, data management dashboards, clinical and remote monitoring platforms, physical rehabilitation tools, to intelligent chatbots, with partners in over two dozen countries, including the World Health Organization. 

UniversalDoctor’s digital health solutions support healthcare professionals and patient-centered care across different healthcare verticals, including frailty, healthy aging and elderly care; mental health (dementia, depression, etc.); disabilities; palliative care; infectious diseases (COVID-19, Malaria, TB, Zika, Chagas, and other neglected tropical diseases); child health; travel health and more.

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Dr. Jordi Serrano PonsCo-founder | CEO, UniversalDoctor

Widely recognized leader in patient-centric healthcare innovation, with over 13 years of experience in the health and technology space, particularly in multilateral digital health initiatives. He was recently named one of the Top 50 Healthcare IT Leaders in Europe as part of the HIMMS Europe Future50 classification, recognized for his work to advance the field of Digital Health in Europe.

Ricky Perez WieneseCo-founder

Project Manager at Universal Doctor the Digital Global Health Company where he manages Global health projects with national and international organizations to provide innovative technological solutions to global health issues.

Jeannine LemaireCo-founder | COO, UniversalDoctor

Digital and global public health expert leading operations, product strategy and development, and management of the multidisciplinary team behind UniversalDoctor. She manages the conceptualization, design and development of digital health solutions for global health. She is also the Global Programme Manager at Zero Mothers Die, a global partnership initiative to reduce maternal mortality through mobile technology solutions.

Carlos García-Ramos SecoProject Manager
Aina Tersol MontserratProject Manager
Elsa Ramil RodríguezProject Manager
Fernando Vaquero MeredizCTO
Agustí Pou CompanyDeveloper
Miriam Martínez Casasnovas Developer